**This item will be available between 3/1 and 3/31 only. You can preorder NOW**

**Brewmaster's please do NOT use your discount for these as procees go to the troop**


We'll hook you up with four boxes of girl scout cookies and four different teas that have been perfectly paired by our very own Troop #41064.


These pairings were a challenge put to our troop to help them understand two things:

1. How, as a business owner, sometimes you have to come up with new ways to keep your business going and get real creative. As an ongoing partnership, we believe in showing the girls how to be strong, resilient and our next generation of entrepreneurs.

2. Educate the girls on how you can take two things you don't necessarily like and pairing them together you can bring out new flavors. It was a wonderful chance for the girls to learn about why we have so many people that love our annual beer and cookie pairing.


Each pairing will come with a sheet explaining why the girls paired the tea and cookie together and what they loved most about it.

Tea & Cookies


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