**This item will be available between 3/1 and 3/31 only. You can preorder NOW**

**Brewmaster's please do NOT use your discount for these as procees go to the troop**


We'll hook you up with two boxes of girl scout cookies and a bottle of either red or white Washington wine that's been matched perfectly by a wine expert for you.


Happy Hour PB&J: Tagalongs and a jammy bottle of zinfandel to create that perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your classy happy hour!

Caramel D’Lite: Caramel, chocolate, coconut AND a wonderfully complex port wine? Yes!

Blondies Have The Most Fun: Ain’t that the truth?? A tangy Sauv Blanc balance those rich caramel notes from the Samoas.

Persian Love: We bring you some citrusy Savannah Smiles to compliment the dry rose flavors but also set each other off perfectly.


This way you can show off on your next Zoom call with friends and family that you're a sophisticated adult who's not just shoving cookies in your face, but also supporting young entrepreneurs learning how to make life work, even in these difficult times (let's see what they have to say to THAT! Those judgey mcjudgefaces are going to be real quiet!)

Wine & Cookies


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